Staging Tips To Help You Sell Fast in Spokane WA

Its key to properly staging your home when you are trying to sell your home in Spokane. There are so many people that think this will cost a small fortune of the decorations and the upgrades, but here are some ways to do this without breaking the bank. With a little time and effort on your end  you can really make your home stand out and look extremly beautiful. We have put together some of the best staging tips to increase your chances of selling your house faster!Sell House Fast Spokane Wa

Hide Personal Items & The Clutter.

You do want your house to look like a home but lets admit it, people dont want to see laundry laying around or in the washer. Also it makes people that was to buy your house feel like they are being intrusive.

Limit the amount personal items like paperwork, backpacks, and purses, but dont forget to make sure thera are little to no photographs. Instead put some books, flowers and other items out. Make the people who enter your house feel like it could be their home right as they walk in the front door.

You want them to feel immediately comfortable, as if it were somewhere they could see themselves living.

Appeal To All Those Senses

When a potential buyer goes to your house for a showing, it can be about more than what they see with their eyes. There are many more things that play a major role in how people veiw your home.

Think about playing somesoft music in the background. Dont forget to light that candle that has been sitting there collecting dust for all those years because smells play a big part in selling houses. Have a cozy soft blanket folded up on the couch. Doing a few of these things will make the house feel welcoming and cozy, and it will encourage buyers to stick around longer and take a deeper look at the house and possibly make an offer right there on the spot!

Give Every Room a Purpose.

Is there a room in your house that is used for many things? Dont forget to clean that up and make it appear it only has one focus.

A example being a office/guest room can make the buyer subconsciously feel that the home is lacking enough space and a little cramped.

Make it very clear that the room is a office or a guest room. If there is a space in the house that is unutilized, consider making it into a game room or even a library. If its not even really hour you have been using the home, creating a space that makes buyers feel less confused  about the space they will be working with will allow them to more easily imagine living there.

Even if it’s not really how you use the home, creating the definition of spaces will make the buyer feel less confused about the spaces they are woking with and allow them to more easily imagine themselves living there.

Spend a Day Making Small Repairs and

Deep Cleaning.

Do you have a sqeaky step? A leaky faucet? Or A Crooked Self? You may be able to make some of those small repairs yourself for a very reasonable cost.

YOu can power wash the driveway, fix small dings in the wall and do some touch ups to the paint here and there that can alter the appearance of the house to your perspective buyers.

Now is the time to rake up those leaves and get those storm drains cleaned out and get the stains out of the carpet and also dont forget to wipe down the baseboards. Remember, buyers will be looking into every corner if the house as they walk through it.

Don’t let them get so caught up looking at a wobbly fan, that they miss the beauty of your breakfast nook. You will probably find things to repair you hadn’t even noticed before!

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