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What’s going on everybody, good morning and it’s Saturday morning my name is George Anderson and I work for All American Home Repair 1776. It’s a long name I’m sorry that’s the way it is hey I just wanted to talk to you about some real estate investing really fast I buy homes cash Spokane Washington. We buy barns we buy ranches we buy land we buy water rights we buy everything okay we buy mobile homes we buy trailer parks we buy trailer parks Spokane washington. Remember all this and tell your friends anyways uh I wanted to talk to you about some a little bit of real real estate investing really fast there um it seems like the market is not slowing down at all it looks like the market is actually speeding up even with covid 19 going on let’s uh let’s let’s stay safe out there but uh look I might not be the end buyer for the for the property that you are selling but but i do have a bunch of investors that have cash and they don’t need an underwriter to tell them hey we can’t give you the money we close within 30 days and you know sometimes we hit some bumps in the roads maybe there’s a lien on the property or not or something but we will get that deal closed we will get you as much help as we can with that uh with that situation that you have if it’s a house if it’s a barn if it’s raw land if it’s a mobile home if it’s a trailer park here in spokane valley we will help you out it depends on what um and also like depending on where the uh property is and and whatnot we’ll do our uh best to do the comps and we will get you a price as soon as possible we will get you an offer as soon as possible stay focused stay positive we are here to help you we are not here to take advantage of you we know that every single situation is different and we will walk you through this um through this process the best we can and i promise you we will not do anything um malicious okay uh look right now the market is speeding up uh spokane is a great market to be in right now we don’t have enough houses for the amount of people that are moving here so the prices kind of are going just a tad bit higher than normal um and that’s because everybody’s moving here we just don’t have enough houses to uh we just don’t have enough houses to put everybody in so uh if you have land within the city limits that already has water and sewer and electric already tied into it we are very interested in that uh you know we will buy that and uh we will get you cash within 30 days so give us a holler over at check us out it’s a nice little website you can call us directly or you can text us and we will get an offer to you as soon as possible I understand that there are some deals that will are just not feasible but we have some other creative financing ways of doing things there’s so many ways of selling real estate okay it doesn’t it’s not just an all cash offer sometimes sometimes we could be really creative we can make payments we could we can do interest payments uh we can do uh owner financing where you you are the bank and then you get your interest payments there’s really cool stuff when it comes to uh buying real estate folks so again go to my name is George Anderson I work for all american home repair 1776 and we will start doing videos daily actually so give us a holler at 1-509-596-1182 and yeah i’ll talk to you all later bye.

August 1, 2020
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